2 Ingredient Cookies by Burlap Bag

Ok I found this blog, Burlap Bag, through Pinterest and I had to make the cookies. Two main ingredients! You can add chocolate chips or walnuts or maybe dried fruit, but to make the cookies all you need is quick cooking oatmeal and bananas. I was sold! I made them immediately and they were good… mmm… lol They’re also all gone =p.

Here’s the original blog with directions but all you need is:

1c Quick Cooking Oatmeal

2 Bananas (Old ones preferred but Ripe ones are fine)

2tbsp Vegan Chocolate Chips (This was my add on. I think next time I’ll add cranberries or maybe peanut butter chips and cinnamon)

Bake at 350 degrees  for 15 minutes. Done! that’s it =) Makes 16 cookies if you like but you can play around with the sizes.

Probably the healthiest cookie you’ll ever have. Since I’ve given up sweets while I lose weight I love that I’ve found a way to satisfy my sweet tooth without all the calories.

IMG_0488 copy

Pre cooked cookies. I decided to put them on parchment paper. Seemed to do nicely. IMG_0479 copy

I love the fact that you can see chunks of banana. yum!IMG_0481 copyShot with Canon T2i 50 mm lens.

Hope you Enjoy! ^_^

~Chibi LaLena


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